Aon Teanga: Un Chengey - One Tongue

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(January 2016)

13 Tracks: Roin Is Miolta Mora * Creggyn Scarleode * Eascann Bhaile Na Hinse * Oran A' Cheannaiche * Manannan * Meirioca* She Lhong Honnick Mee * Eilidh Chuain * Liam O Raghallaigh * Seathan/ Mac Rìgh Eireann * Bannaght Colum Killey * Curach An T-Siridh * An Cheallachin / Y Thalhear Agus An Sgiobair.

Aon Teanga present a feast of traditional and composed songs and music in Scots, Irish and Manx Gaelic.

A chance meeting at Watercolour Music Studios in Ardgour brought together Mary Ann Kennedy, Ruth Keggin and Eoghan O'Ceannabhan and shortly after 'Aon Teanga' (One Tongue) was formed.

Collectively, they celebrate the linguistic, musical and cultural connections of Gaelic as one language between the sister-nations for the first time in centuries.

Three expressive voices from the three Gaelic nations as one voice, reuniting the Scottish, Irish and Manx Gaels.

Mary Ann Kennedy is co-owner of the Watercolour Studios and one of Scotland's most talented musicians and broadcasters.

Ruth Keggin is the leading vocalist of the young generation of the Manx Gaelic revival.

Eoghan Ó Ceannabháin, acclaimed seann-nòs singer from a veritable Connemara musical dynasty.

Guest musicians: Finlay Wells (guitar), Ultan O' Brien (fiddle), Gordon MacLean (bass).

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