The Crunluath Collection - New Gaelic Songs Based On Bagpipe Music

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A brand new collection of Gaelic Songs based on bagpipe music, in both Ceol Beag and Ceol Mor, written and arranged by Skye-born Gaelic writer and piper, Angus MacPhee.

Published by the Mairi Mhor Gaelic Song Fellowship in association with The Highland Council.

The book is accompanied by a CD which will also be helpful to singers who will be able to hear exactly how Angus intends the songs to be sung. This will be particularly useful to singers who may be unfamiliar with the form of the Ceol Mor - the classical form of bagpipe music - and how it is played.

The book contains 52 songs which cover different areas of interest - puirt a beul or mouth music, love songs, lullabies, children’s songs, songs of the Army, songs of the countryside and songs of youth, as well as the Ceol Mor songs.

The accompanying CD contains renditions of twenty one of the songs, sung by both Angus and Fiona MacKenzie. The book also contains reproductions of line drawings and photographs taken by Angus, who was previously Head of Art and Design at Inverness High School until his retirement in 1986.

A4 paperback, 81 pages.

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