Margaret Bennett - Nell Hannah: Aye Singin An Spinnin Yarns

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(March 2014)

This book was collated by folklorist Margaret Bennett from a series of interviews with singer and mill girl Nell Hannah.

With illustrations by friend and fellow singer Doris Rougvie.

The life and songs of an amazing lady Nell Hannah who sadly passed away in December 2013.

Born rural Turriff, Aberdeenshire in 1920 where Nell's parents worked as as domestic and farm servants.

Nell shares reminiscences and songs... her work at the Stanley Mill, where she worked alongside her mother and sister Margaret to produce webbing for military requirements thus documenting a history of life in war-time Perthshire.

Despite long hours and austere conditions she recalls her years as a mill lassie as being memorably happy.

She shares the highs and lows of her life and ability to spin yarns.

At the age of sixty-nine, Nell discovered her gift of singing and entertaining. She made her first recording at the age of seventy and continued to a fifth album at the age of ninety.

A valuable addition to the tradition. (130pp)

"This is a book of mostly traditional Scots songs, but much more than that - the songs are part of the traditional life of the region and an understanding of that context is essential if we are to fully appreciate that heritage, now and in the future." Jim Bainbridge.

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