Margaret Bennett - Dileab Ailein (The Legacy Of Allan MacArthur)

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(November 2009)

Newfoundland Traditions Across Four Generations - a book and double CD celebrating four generations of the remarkable MacArthur family, whose vibrant Scottish Gaelic traditions of song and music both endured and evolved through each generation to the present day.

Bi-lingual book, hardback.

CD1: Toast To Scotland * Illean Bithibh Sunndach * Gura Boidheach Am Bata * Them Songs Came From Scotland * Hu A Hu Ailean Duinn * Tom Dey * Fear A Bhata * Tha Mi Sgith * Kitchener's Army * Gun Chrodh, Gun Aighean * Gathering To Sing * A Mhairi Dhubh * Oran An Tombaca * O Co Bheirinn Leam * A Chailin Dhuinn * King George IV * Dominion Mine Strike * This Loch Lomond Here * Trip To Mabou Ridge * Ol An Deoch Air Lamh Mo Ruin * Allan's Toast To Whisky * Bha Mi'n Raoir Ag Ol * Mo Nighean Don Boidheach * Big John MacNeill Set * Allan's Canntaireachd * Frank's MacPherson Tune * Canntaireachd For Accordion * Canntaireachd For The Smith * Cock O' The North.

CD2: MacArthur's Island * Shamrock, Thistle And Rose * Oidhche Challainn * Rann Challainn * Square Dance Set * Christmas Down Home * A Chailin Duinn * Calvin's Mandolin Set * Will You Marry Me? * Allan & Mary On Gaelic & Proverb * Oran An T-Saighdeir * Miracle Of Christmas * Ailein Duinn * Tullochgorm * Making Moccasins & Songs * Oran Nam Mogaisean * Last Word On Moccasins * Cock Your Leg Up * Gaelic Tongue Twister * Dean Cadalan Samhach * Daddy's Girl * Miss Rowan Davies * Tips Eve Jig * Remember Home * Cha Dean Mi'n Obair * Nach Do Ghoid Mi 'M Piatan * MacArthur's Kitchen Party * Deoch Slainte.

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