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73 Traditional Scottish Songs edited by Sheila Douglas with Jo Miller.

Each song has been transcribed from a different singer and contains the verse texts and the melody line.

Appendix notes provide information on the singers and the songs. Foreword by Hamish Henderson.

This song book was commissioned by The Traditional Music And Song Association (TMSA) of Scotland to commemorate the Associations Silver Jubilee - 25 successful years!

List of Songs: Achanachie Gordon * Alison Cross * Andra Lammie * Auld Meal Mill, The * Band O Shearers, The * Banks O Inverurie, The * Baron O Brackley, The * Battle Of Harlaw, The * Beefcan Close, The * Beggar Laddie, The * Beggarman, The * Belt Wi Colours Three, The * Bogie's Bonny Bell * Bonny Hoose O Airlie, The * Bonny Laddie Ye Gang By Me * Bonny Ythanside * Boys O Callieburn, The * Braes O Bonald, The * Brose Aa Day * Burke And Hare * Cock-A-Doodle-Doo * Collier Laddie, The * Collier's Eight-Hour Day, The * Corachree * Dae Ye Mind Lang Lang Syne? * Diamond Jubilee, The * Donibristle Mossmorran Disaster, The * Drumdelgie * Dumfries Hiring Fair * Dying Ploughboy, The * Echo Mocks the Corncrake, The * Eence Upon A Time * False, False Hae Ye Been * Glenlogie * Granny Fraser's Flitting * Grat For Gruel * Half Past Ten * Hame Drunk Cam I * Hatton Woods * I Aince Hid A Lass * I'm No Comin Oot The Noo * I Must Away, Love * Irish Boy, The * It's Aa Wan Tae Me * Jamie Foyers * Jamie Raeburn * John McLean March, The * Johnnie Armstrang * Laird OTomintoul, The * Lord Randal * Love And Freedom * Macfarlane O The Sprots * Macpherson's Rant * Magdalen Green, The * Marnan Fair * My Last Farewell To Stirling * New Ferm Toon * Packman, The * P D Drifters, The * Pear Tree, The * Porter Laddie, The * Princie And Jean * Rigs on Rye, The * Rovin Ploughboy, The * Roy's Wife O Aldivalloch * Tail Toddle * Tamosher, The * Tattie Jock * Tradesman's Plooin Match, The * 'Twas Up Yon Dark and Stormy Glen * Weaver's Lamentation, The * Wha'll Mowe Me Noo? * Willie's Rare.

This unique collection provides an invaluable insight into the richness and depth of a singing tradition which is demonstrably still alive around us.

The songs chosen for this collection include classic ballads, broadside ballads, music hall songs, bothy ballads, love songs, laments and political songs.

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