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December 2022

19 Tracks: Iona (Air) * Dalriada (Jig set) * Pull For Iona (Rowing Song) * Coracle Bay (Air) * Iona Abbey (Air) * The Mason's Gentle Hands (Poem) * The Longships (Rowing Tune) * Martyr's Bay (Air) * Encounter On The Way To White Strand (Poem) * The Tomb Of The Kings (Pibroch Air; Fiddle) * The Lord Of The Isles (March) * The Tomb Of The Kings (Pibroch Air; Bagpipes) * Iona Dance Set (Reel Set) * Composition (Poem) * Sithean Mor (Air) * The Ross Of Mull (Slow Strathspey) * The Corn Crake (Hornpipe) * Fare Ye Well Iona (Waltz Set) * Light Of The West (Hymn).

Iona is the latest album released by fiddle maestro Paul Anderson and features music from 'In The Footsteps Of Colm Cille'.

All music was composed by Paul Anderson including the music and lyrics for 'Pull For Iona' and 'Light Of The West.'

All poetry was written and recited by Francy Devine.

Dr. Paul Anderson MBE comes from Tarland on the eastern edge of the Cairngorms National Park in Aberdeenshire and is one of Scotland's most respected traditional musicians, composers, and teachers.

Musicians: Paul Anderson (fiddle, Brian McAlpine (piano, harmonium, accordion), Steve Byrne (bouzouki), Martin O'Neill (bodhran), Peter "Puma" Hedlund - nyckelharpa), Ali Napier (keyboard, electric guitar), Dr. Jack Taylor (highland bagpipes), Francy Devine (vocals), Shona Donaldson (vocals).

" Iona is a special place; few can rival it for scenic beauty, a sense of spirituality, and the undeniable weight of history which seems to seep from its very bones. Personally, I've always sought out solitude when on Iona and have always been drawn to the quieter, harder to get to places where I can tap into something intangible and attempt to turn the moment and emotion into music. Some places just have a feel about them and Iona is certainly one of them. Iona is a special place." Paul Anderson.


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