Marit And Rona - Turas

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(February 2014)

10 Tracks: Fhuair Mi Pog * Tobar Tobar * Kilmartin Glen Campsite * Bodach * The Reels * Psalm 107 * Rory's Dinosaur Jumper * Seo A' Bhliadhna * New England Fireman Set * Tha Bo Dhubh Agam.

A debut album from Scandi-Scottish Fiddle/Mandola/Voice duo Marit Falt and Rona Wilkie.

Rona's Gaelic background and Marit Scandinavian influences prove an interesting collaboration. The outcome is a superb album of contemporary traditional music innovative and uplifting.

A varied selection from near-classical movements through elegant polskas to buoyant reels displaying Rona’s fiddle virtuosity and Marit’s mastery of the versatile latmandola.

The duo won the prestigious Danny Kyle Award at 2012 Celtic Connections. The same year Rona was voted BBC Scotland Young Traditional Musician of the Year.

Joining them on several tracks are Allan Òg MacDonald (percussion) and the Cantilena Quartet who play Marit and Rona's own arrangements.

Marit and Rona Wilkie began playing together when both were studying in Newcastle. A successful liason and I'm sure an exciting future awaits.

"The way that the Gaelic and Norwegian and Swedish languages are sung is very similar, and the melodies of the languages are similar as well, but we’re also exploring the differences in the music in the tempos, time signatures and even the tone of the instruments." Rona Wilkie.

"Juxtapositions, of melodies, instruments and languages, are at the heart of Turas, and the possibilities they have opened up seem to have inspired Marit and Rona to explore not just their personal roots but to look further afield, with tunes from Finland, Quebec and Nova Scotia finding their way into the mix. This is a thoroughly satisfying album, filled with an eclectic mix of elements that entertain, surprise, and may well inspire others to seek out equally productive collaborations." John Whalley, Folk Radio UK.

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