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11 Tracks: Jigs * Oran A' Bhranndaidh * Camus Daraich * Direadh-A-Mach Ri Beinn Shianta * Waltzes * MSR * Dileab Na H-Aibhne * Gantocks * Seinn An Duan Seo * Hornpipes * Caileag Ruadh Staoinebrig.

A brilliant debut solo album from the multifaceted Ewan Henderson who hail from Lochaber in the West Highlands of Scotland.

Ewen has been naturally steeped in the traditional music and Gaelic culture of the area from an early age.

Co-founder of Manran, Ewen has toured the world with a host of top Scottish and global artists.

Ewen is in demand as a session musician, has composed soundtracks for film and television, and has recently enjoyed working as musical director of live concerts and television series.

"The Musical Prince of Lochaber." Piping Today

"When I first set about creating this album, the plan was to craft a carefully curated series of vignettes reflectung the many interests, influences and journeys of my musical life up until now. When that particular creative sluice is opened, however, one can quickly find such fine intentions overwhelmed and engulfed by the cascade of memories, impulses and ideas released in its flow. As tempting as it was to seek a safe vantage point from which to reel in only those that fitted my initial agenda. I found it all together more exhilarating to dive in - head first - and fully immerse myself in the steall. I respectfully suggest to the listener do likewise." Ewen Henderson.

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