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(June 2010) 12 tracks (41 mins): I Horo 's Na Hug Oro Eile * Camhanaich Air Machair / Captain Carswell * Craskie * Isaac's Welcome To The World * The Gentle Light That Wakes Me * Chasing Daylight * Mo Run Geal Og * The Desert Road * Caoineadh Johnny Sheain Jeaic (Lament For Johnny Mac Donncha) / Lorient Mornings / Illean Aigh * Loch Mullardoch / The Oblique Jig * The Head Roaster / The Last Mile * Mar A Tha.

Duncan Chisholm is best known as the fiddle player with Celtic rock band Wolfstone. Canaich is part two of his Strathglass trilogy of solo recordings, which began with his previous album Farrar - a more mellow, traditional acoustic sound.

As well as several self-composed pieces by Duncan, tunes by other composers including Allan MacDonald, Phil Cunningham, John MacLean, Donald Shaw, Willie Lawrie, Gary Innes, Cairistiona Nic Fheargais, Michael McGoldrick, Mike Katz, Mark Stewart, Mary MacPherson, Gordon Duncan and Niall Vallely are featured.

Duncan Chisholm (fiddle) with Tony Byrne (acoustic guitar), Ross Hamilton (bass, electric guitar), Ingrid Henderson (vocals), Ali Hutton (whistle), Iain MacFarlane (fiddle, whistle), James Mackintosh (percussion), Hamish Napier (piano), Gerry O'Connor (banjo), Patsy Reid (fiddle, viola, cello) and Rick Taylor (trombone, sousaphone).

"Few fiddlers match Duncan Chisholm's expressive feel for a Highland air, or his relaxed, accurate phrasing in the dance music. That he can put a match to the heather in Wolfstone shouldn't deny the historic, traditional lineage of his playing... A few old tunes, a few self-penned, and the rest from the rich abundance of contemporary composition... Leading instrumentalists underscore this quality recording." (Scotland On Sunday)

"Duncan's musicianship is miraculous, outstandingly stylish and eloquent, and (Farrar) is a significantly classy record which I can't praise highly enough..." (David Kidman)

"If you want to talk about classical influences in traditional music... Look no further than this wonderful third solo album (Farrar) by Duncan Chisholm. Like its predecessors, it is some way removed from his work with Wolfstone, but you have to chill out sometimes..." (Rock 'n' Reel)

"[Canaich shows] an altogether gentler side of Wolfstone's fiddler... Duncan's work with Ivan Drever and his four previous solo albums demonstrate the delicacy and sweetness of Highland music which exists in parallel with Wolfstone's rock band sound... Starting with a soulful Gaelic melody, Duncan's exquisite fiddle dominates this musical landscape... Duncan's interpretations of slow traditional airs are still the highlights... A delight for fiddle fans, and another testament to one of Scotland's finest musicians..." (Irish Music Magazine)

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