The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra - The Best Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

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(November 2002) 17 tracks: PETRONELLA: Neivie Neivie Nick Nack / Come Let Us Dance and Sing / Wee Jamie / French Air / Brenda's Box * WHISTLING RUFUS * MISS FANNY POWER (The Garry Kennedy Heritage Players) * THE RUNT OF THE LITTER * THE ROSEBUD OF ALLANVALE * POLKAS: The Butterfly Polka / The Primrose Polka * THE SFO FOLK SYMPHONY: Canadian National Exhibition Reel / Earl Mitten's Breakdown / Don Messer's Breakdown * SANDY'S REEL: Angus McLeod / Pat Donald / Stockholmslaten * THE HEROES OF LONGHOPE * BATTLE TUNES OF THE PIPES: When the Battle is Over / Heroes of Vittoria (1813) / Battle of the Somme (World War II) / Crags of Tumbledown Mountain (Falkland Islands Campaign) * CIRCASSIAN CIRCLE: The 'Drapperraff' Hornpipe / Storer's Hornpipe / Threave Cottage * THE FLOWER OF PORTENCROSS * IRISH FANTASIA: Lark in the Clear Air / Phil the Fluter's Ball / The Irish Washerwoman * THE DASHING WHITE SERGEANT: Rakes of Mallow / The Waves of Troy / The Stronsay Wedding / The Seige of Ennis / The Reel of Kildinguie * PRINCE OF THE MISTS (finale) * THE EIGHTSOME REEL: Mrs McLeod of Raasay / Fairy Dance / De'il Amang the Tailors / Soldier's Joy / Mason's Apron / Staten Island / Kate Dalrymple * CADDAM WOOD: We're No Awa' / Scotland the Brave.

As advertised on Scottish TV.

The power and sound of massed fiddles playing Scottish and Celtic music can be experienced by everybody, no matter who or where they are. The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra are the finest exponents in the world of this kind of music.

This is a collection of some of the finest of their performances taken from concerts performed in several different countries, including some slow airs, some Oirishry incarnate, famous old folk tunes, a rather riotous but decidedly danceable Dashing White Sergeant, and an exceedingly energetic Eightsome Reel.

Orchestra conducted by John Mason MBE and Andrew McGarva.

Includes 2 specially selected bonus tracks only on the DVD, and a history of the orchestra.

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