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(December 2012) 16 tracks: Midland Two-Step * My Friend (Mon Ami) * Mazuka * Jongle A Moi (Think Of Me) * Sassy One-Step * Jolie Blonde * La Contredanse A Perepere (Grandfather's Dance) * The Water Pump (La Pompe Du Puits) * J'ai Ete-Z-Au Bal (I Went To The Dance) * Paper In My Shoe * La Vie Est Pas Donne (Life Is Not Given) * The Back Door (La Porte En Arriere) * Chere Tout-Tout * Rosa Majeur * Devant Ta Porte (I Passed By Your Door) * When I Was Poor (Quand J'etais Pauvre).

A classic film on DVD with accompanying audio CD, featuring superb Cajun music from Shetland fiddle virtuoso Aly Bain with Cajun and Zydeco greats. The complete documentary of music and interviews, with a re-mastered CD.

Add fiddle maestro Aly Bain and Cajun music together and the combination is irresistible - Aly Meets The Cajuns is a guaranteed hip-shake of an introduction!

Originally created for the Channel Four Television New Year celebrations of 1988-89. The original CD release received a record industry Silver Disc Award in 1991.

Aly Bain (fiddle) with Dewey Balfa (vocals, fiddle), Marc Savoy (accordion, fiddle), Ann Savoy (vocals, guitar), Michael Doucet (vocals, fiddle), Ida 'Queen Ida' Guillory (vocals, accordion), Harry LaFleur (vocals, fiddle), D L Menard (vocals, guitar) and Wayne Toups (vocals, accordion).

Accompanied by The Dewey Balfa Friends, Magic Sound including Charles Chavis (vocals, frottoir), The Bon Temps Zydeco Band, The Louisiana Aces including Blackie Forestier (accordion), Ervin 'Dick' Richard (fiddle) and The Zy-De-Cajon Band.

Dedicated to the memory of Dewey Balfa (1927-1992), the "icon of traditional Cajun music", and Boozo Chavis (1930-2001), the "King of Zydeco".

"Aly, consider yourself an honorary Cajun..." (Dewey Balfa)

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