Aly Bain, Ale Moller & Bruce Molsky - Meeting Point - Live At The Liverpool Philharmonic

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12 tracks: Lament For A Sailor Who Fell From The Masthead / Up The Stroods * Up And Down Forspel / Up 'N' Down The Harbour / Scalloway Lassies / Icy Mountain * Boll Weevil / Yelling In The Shoats * Lovin' Hannah / Lilla Langdansen * Hjaltadans / Hunter's Grove * Summerwaltz * Hills of Mexico * Freedie's Tune * Venjan - The Time Has Passed * 3 Mark Polska / Down The Road * Troll Tuning Set: King Karl's March / Delvils Polska / Pickin The Devil's Eye / The Hanged Man's Reel * Da Smuggler's Gaen Ta Holland / Da Maut Man.

This CD was recorded live at the Liverpool Philharmonic in 2012, a meeting of three top class folk musicians not to be missed!

During their UK Tour of 2012 fiddle maestro Aly Bain, Swedish multi-instrumentalist Ale Moller, and American fiddler, singer, guitarist and banjo player Bruce Molsky united to explore their Celtic, Nordic and Appalachian cultures.

They perform in dynamic harmony, creating complex music of exhilarating diversity.

Aly Bain (fiddle. viola), Ale Moller (mandola, harmonica, wooden whistle, harmony vocals), Bruce Molsky (fiddle, vocals, banjo, guitar).

"Our far-flung trio of pals love meeting up whenever we can and enjoy our music most when it's 'in the moment'... We very much hope that you too enjoy this meeting-point!" Aly, Ale and Bruce

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