Aberdeen Strathspey And Reel Society - Live At The Music Hall

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(April 2013) 16 tracks: Hail To Bon-Accord * Whistling Rufus * The Wee Man From Skye / Pipe Major Wm Gray's Farewell To The Glasgow Police * Da Ferry Reel / The Doon Hingin' Tie / Tammy Andersen * The MacIntosh Patrick March * The Love Of The Isles * Glencoe, Willie Hunter's Compliments To Dan R MacDonald / Mrs Norma Keegan * The Man From Newry / The Firefly / Paul Anderson's Hornpipe * Flow Gently Sweet Afton / There Was A Lad / Ye Banks And Braes * Professor Blackie / J Scott Skinner's Compliments To Dr MacDonald * Roamin' In The Gloamin / Just A Wee Deoch And Doris / The Saftest O' The Family / Stop Yer Tickling Jock / I Love a Lassie / The End of the Road * Adam Robertson / Kerr's Pink / The Directors / Bert Pozzie * Mrs Jamieson's Favourite (Junior Orchestra) * Thingummy Jig Polka * The Braes Of Castle Grant / The Glasgow City Police Pipers / Donald MacLeod's Reel * The Kesh Jig / The Boys of Ballymore / Maureen's Jig / Fergie Plus One.

Recorded live at the 2006 Fiddlers' Rally in Aberdeen Music Hall.

The highlight of the Society's concert calendar is their Annual Fiddler's Rally.

With a cast of one hundred players, join in the live concert atmosphere along with an enthusiastic audience of over a thousand.

A mix of traditional music including a Harry Lauder medley.

The Society's first concert in the Music Hall was in November 1928 and has provided a popular venue with players and audiences ever since.

Conductor Graham Reid, leader Kim Beveridge and pianist Nick Cowling, with the Junior Orchestra led by Sheila Reid.

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