A Fiddler's Book Of Scottish Jigs from the 18th & 19th Century

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Tunes: Bata Bharra * Braes Of Glenorchy * Captain Charles Stewart's Jigg * Captain Campbell Of Lochnell's Reel * Colonel Graham's Favorite * Countess Of Loudoun's Reel * Devlin House * Doideag Mhuileach * Dr James Hamilton's Reel * Dugal Campbell Esq. of Ballinaby's Reel * Duke Of York's Camp * Ho Mo Chaileagan * Hon. Mrs Drummond Of Perth's Delight * Lady Elizabeth's Montague's Jig * Lady Elizabeth Cole's Reel * Lady Ramsy's Fancy * Lord Drighorn's Reel * Mile To Ride * Miss Ann Douglass Brighton's Jigg * Miss Ann Monro's Reel * Miss Barbara Hay's Favorite * Miss Buchanan Of Cambusmore * Miss Campbell Of Monzie * Miss Charlotte Stirling's Jigg * Miss Clementina Stewart Of Garth's Jig * Miss Cochran's Jig * Miss Dalrymple * Miss Douglas Brighton's Jigg * Miss (Dr) Grant's Reel * Miss Grace Hay's Reel * Miss Helen Campbell Ardmore's Jig * Miss Isabella Robertson's Hornpipe * Miss Isabella Robertson's Reel * Miss Isobel Clark's Favorite * Miss J Rose's Reel * Miss Jane Douglas's Favorite * Miss Jessie Stewart's Jigg * Miss Marrion Campbell Ardmore's Favourite * Miss Mary Campbell Ardmore's Jig * Miss Mary Garden Of Troup's Reel * Miss Mary Johnson's Reel * Miss McDonald St Martin's Jigg * Miss Mercer's Reel * Miss Nancy Dick's reel * Miss Napier Of Merchiston Hall * Miss Oswald Of Scotstoun's Reel * Miss Russell Of Blackhall * Miss Sophia Campbell Of Saddell's Jig * Miss White's Jig * Mr Adam Robertson's Favorite * Mr Baird Of Newbyth's Jigg * Mr Daniel McFarlane's Delight * Mr Peter Duff's Favourite * Mr Wilson's Hornpipe * Mrs A MacGlashan * Mrs John Clark's Delight * Mrs McGee's Reel * Mrs Maitland Of Rankeillor's Reel * Mrs Muir Mackenzie's Delight * Mrs Muir Mackenzie's Fancie * Mrs Oswald Of Auchencruive's Favorite Reel * Mrs Trotter Of Castlaw's Reel * Mrs Tulloh's Jig * Pier Of Bowmore * Perth Races * Sward House.

A collection of 68 tunes from the old 18th and 19th century collections now republished in a modern edition.

Composers include John Bowie, John Clark, Daniel Dow, Malcolm MacDonald, John MacGlashan, Alexander MacKay, John Riddell, William Shepherd and Robert Mackintosh.

The music was researched and selected by Charles Gore and edited by Alastair Hardie who also provided additional bowings and chord symbols.

Introductory notes on the background to the jig, the composers and the chord symbols.

Paperback (48 pp)

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