30 Glorious Years Of The Scottish Fiddle Orchestra

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(August 2011) 51 tracks

CD1: Fiddlers To The Fore * Bluebell Polka * The Flower O' The Quern * Salute To J Scott Skinner * The Strings Of Bon Accord * The Heroes Of Longhope * Petronella * The Hen's March O'er The Midden * Eva Three-step * Reel Of The 51st Division * Canadian Barn Dance * Am Muileann-Uisge * The Hardanger * Pipe Marches * Music O' The Spey * Dumbarton Castle * The Blackthorn Stick * The Northlands.

CD2 Ceud Mile Failte * Auld Rants * Whistling Rufus * The Flower Of Portencross * Swinging Reels * Rosebud Of Allanvale * When The Battle Is Over * Scented Fairy Bower * The Musical Flea * Irish Fantasia * Gentle Annie * March Of The Cellos * Scotland The Brave * Highland Schottische * Dance Of The Basses * Ontario Swing * Jigs From The Gow Collection * Flying Fiddles.

CD3 Hamilton House * Dancie Shuttleworth * Gay Gordons * Tribute To Sir Jimmy Shand * La Russe * Our Princess Royal * Colin L O'Riordan * Lady Gethin * Eamonn Gilmartin's Eclipse * Echoes In The Glen * The Flowers Of Edinburgh * The Old Man Of Hoy * The Drummers * The Horticulturalist * Concert Finale.

Set of three CDs each covering a different decade, from 1980 to 2010.

Features some of the many highlights from the Orchestra's successful reign as Scotland's premier Fiddle Orchestra, including Scottish traditional and beautiful, heart touching new compositions by their charismatic and much missed Director of Music and founding conductor, the late John Mason MBE.

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