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CONTENTS: Introduction * Tom Hughes Biography * The Musicians * Recording And Transcription * Traditional Fiddle Style * Traditional Dance * Tune Types * Appendix * Index - Index of Tunes in the Book: Auld Graden Kirn * Auld Robin Grey * Banks Of Kale Water * Barren Rocks Of Aden * Boys Of Blue Hill * Braes O Mar (Solo) * Braes O Mar (Duet) * Champagne Charlie * Cock Yer Leg Up * Copshawholm Hornpipe * Copshie Hornpipe * Cowie's Hornpipe * Dundee Hornpipe * East Neuk O Fife * Farewell To Whisky * Faudenside Polka * Flouers O Edinburgh * Frost Is All Over * Galloway Hornpipe * Glen Aln Hornpipe * Greencastle Hornpipe * Hamnavoe Polka * Harvest Home * Harvest Long In Coming * Henry Hughes' Favourite * High Road To Linton * High Road To Linton (Slow) * Huntsman's Chorus * Inverness Gathering * Irish Washerwoman * Jackson's Morning Brush * Kelso Hiring Fair (Victoria Waltz) * Kildare Fancy * Lady Mary Ramsay * Liberton Pipe Band * Lilliesleaf Polka * Marquis Of Lorne's Hornpipe * Millicent's Favourite * Morpeth Rant * Nut Brown Maiden * Off To California * Old Rustic Bridge (Slow Air) * Old Rustic Bridge March * Orange And Blue * Pop Goes The Weasel * Redesdale Hornpipe * Redeside Hornpipe * Rock And Tthe Wee Puckle Tow * Roxburgh Castle * Soldier's Joy * St Patrick's Day Jig * Stool Of Repentance * Tam's Old Love Song * Tam's Slow March * Tam's Untitled Hornpipe * Tam's Victoria Waltz * Tam'’s Wild Rose Strathspey * Tell Her I Am * Teviot Brig * The Triumph * The Wife She Brewed It * Tommy Hughes' March * Turkey In The Straw * Varsovienne * Victoria Waltz.

CD - 35 Tracks: Redesdale And Galloway Hornpipes * Braes O' Mar * Tam's Old Love Song * Tam's Victoria Waltz * Marquis Of Lorne * Cowie's Hoprnpipe * Lady Mary Ramsay/ Orange And Blue * Henry Hughes’ Favourite * The Frost Is All Over * Sidlaw Hills/ The Wife She Brewed It * Huntsman's Chorus * High Road To Linton * Barren Rocks Of Aden * Champagne Charlie * Auld Robin Grey * Faudenside Polka * Rock And A Wee Puckle Tow * Cock Yer Leg Up * Floeurs O Edinburgh/ East Neuk O Fife * Lady Mary Ramsay / Orange And Blue * Lilliesleaf Polka * Farewell To Whisky / Roxburgh Castle * Millicent's Favourite * Greencastle Hornpipe * Boys Of Blue Hill/ Harvest's Long In Coming * Morpeth Rant * Kelso Hiring Fair * Lady Mary Ramsay/ Soldier's Joy * The Triumph * Old Rustic Bridge * Auld Graden Kirn * Liberton Pipe Band * Redeside Hornpipe.

A book and CD with sixty tunes from the playing of Tom Hughes Of Jedburgh, with an analysis by Peter Shepheard.

An outstanding collection of traditional fiddle music from the Scottish Borders from the playing of Tom Hughes of Jedburgh between 1978 and 1980.

The book and CD were compiled and transcribed by Peter Shepheard.

Music transcribed from sound and video recordings of Tom Hughes and other Border musicians.

With a player's guide to regional style, bowing techniques repertoire and dances.

Pete Shepheard has been a singer, musician and enthusiast for traditional music for many years. He first remembers hearing Tom Hughes playing fiddle at the back of Grapes Hotel during the Newcastleton Music Festival of 1978 - and so began a journey to bring recognition to an outstanding tradition bearer who had inherited and preserved an old fiddle style and an interesting repertoire.

A must for those looking for original fiddle styles, tunes and history.

This book has a spine for easy display in your library bookshelf and is a limited edition.

"Dedicated to the memory of Tom Hughes of Jedburgh and to all who love the sound of the traditional fiddle and especially to those intrigued by the complexities of the traditional style." Pete Shepheard.

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