Sharon King And The Reckless Angels - Nothing = Everything

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(August 2012) 12 tracks: Travelling Ways * Avalon * Darling Pal Of Mine * Fisher King * Newspaper Headlines * The Lion And The Unicorn * The Live Long Day * I Lay Here With You * Caroline * Leviathan * Josie * It's A Beautiful Day.

Debut album from award winning Scottish singer-songwriter Sharon King and the Reckless Angels.

Sharon and Vera met at the Shetland Folk Festival in 2002, worked together on Reckless Angels in 2009 and toured as a duo. The addition of Scottish fiddler Amy in the Spring 2010 completed the line up.

In March 2012 Sharon supported songwriting icons Gallagher and Lyle to packed audiences at the Queens Hall in Edinburgh. Her reputation for vibrant, funny and relaxed live shows continues to grow.

Her astute observations on Scottish life are carried in contemporary songwriting, delivered wrapped in easy banter and peppered with tales of her travels: colours and textures are woven through the narratives by the mandolin, fiddle, viola and voices of The Reckless Angels.

The trio are gaining recognition from all quarters with their brand of original, confessional and distinctive music.

Sharon King (guitar, vocals), Vera Van Heeringen (guitar, mandolin, backing vocals), Amy Geddes (fiddle, viola, backing vocals). Guests: Andy Thorburn (accordion, piano), Alan Wishart (acoustic bass), Heather MacLeod (backing vocals).

"This excellent country folk album is overflowing with beautiful songs that will seep gently into your soul." (Allan Cackett - Maverick Magazine).

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