Ruth Keggin And Rachel Hair - Lossan

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July 2022
11 Track: Arraneyn Cadlee * Mish As Y Keayn * Tri Nation Harp Jigs * Arrane Saveenagh * Keayrt Hug Mee Graih * Graih Foalsey * Ny Kirree Fo Niaghtey * Eubonia Soilshagh * Yn Scollag Aeg * Vuddee Veg * Arrane Oie Vie.

'Lossan' is an exciting collaboration album by two well-known artists on the Celtic music scene, Manx singer Ruth Keggin and Scottish harpist Rachel Hair.

Ruth Keggin (Manx Gaelic voice), Rachel Hair ( Harp).
Guests: Isla Callister (fiddle), Adam Brown (bodhran), Adam Rhodes (bouzouki).

"Together Ruth and Rachel have thoughtfully arranged traditional Manx material alongside some newly-written songs by composers on the Isle of Man, reawakening traditional Manx lullabies,much-loved ballads and traditional jigs, exploring a range of themes including humanity's connection with the natural world." Liz Clark, DKOS.

"Lossan is one of the most beautiful albums I’ve heard this year, and it’s one I will enjoy revisiting. If anything makes you fall in love with the Manx culture and language, this will." Alex Gallacher, Folk Radio.

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