Jane Turriff - Singin Is Ma Life

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(1996) 22 tracks: A Sailor Lad an a Tailor Lad * The Bonnie Blue Hankie * Dowie Dens o Yarrow * The Wings of a Swallow * My Wee Doggie * The Cobbler * Rigs o Rye * The Derby Ram * No One to Welcome You Home * Down by the Green Bushes * Poor Little Joe * The Boston Smuggler * Mill o Tifty's Annie * Wi His Grey Baird Newly Shaven * The Ring Your Mother Wore 0 * Empty Saddles * Barbara Allen * What can a Young Lassie * A Braw Young Sailor Lad * Will the Angels * Bonnie Udny * The Rovin Ploughboy.

JANE TURRIFF is one of Scotland's Iegendary traditional singers. First recorded in 1955 by Hamish Henderson, she has gained a reputation on the folk scene for her passionate ballad style, coupled with a powerful and beautifully controlled voice. A native of the North East, Jane was born in 1915 and now lives in Mintlaw. The album brings together the best of many archive recordings of Jane singing, both unaccompanied and with harmonium and accordion, and is issued as volume two of the North East Tradition series in association with Aberdeenshire Council. (Tom McKean, February 1996)

"A wonderfuI voice, a totally accessible style, a priceless gem" (FOLK ROOTS)

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