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(September 2018)

16 Tracks: Maiden's Lament (An Charraig Donn) * Wonderful * Cavalier * Starlight * Meg O' The Glen * My Favourite Dress * Deirdre’s Farewell To Scotland * Fishing * Maid O' The Loch * There's A Hole In The Desert Dear Darling * A Sailor's Farewell To The Sea * Old Song * The Loch Tay Boat Song * Pangur Bán And The Primrose Lass * Go Wisely * A Man's A Man For A' That.

Eddi is celebrating her 40th year as a live performer, this latest enthralling album features a mix of traditional songs, covers, and self-penned compositions.

Cavalier is a new creative peak in an already prestigious career. Her career which started in 1978 singing on Scottish country rock tours, then appearing on worldwide festival and concert hall stages with Gang of Four and Fairground Attraction through the eighties and her own successful solo live career which continues to this day.

The album was recorded and produced in Glasgow, Scotland by Eddi Reader and John Douglas.

Eddi Reader (vocals, harmonium (7), guitar), John Douglas (guitar, ukulele, piano (except tracks 5 and 7), Louis Linklater Abbott (drums, percussion, (except tracks 5,7,8,12,15), Alan Kelly (accordion tracks 5,11-14), Alyn Cosker (drums tracks 5,8,12-14), Annie Grace (backing vocals (1), Boo Hewerdine (guitar tracks 4,5,8,9,1-13,16), Euan Burton (bass except tracks 5,8,12-14), backing vocals (15), John McCusker (fiddle, whistles tracks 1,5,9,10,12,13,14,16), Iain Hutchison (backing vocals (15), Ian Carr (guitar, ukulele tracks 1-6,11,14), Martin Kershaw (clarinet, saxophone tracks 1-4,8,11), Chris Greive (trombone tracks 2-4,8,15), Tom MacNiven (trumpet tracks 2-4,8,15), Steve Hamilton (piano tracks 4,7,8,12,15), Tom Gibbs (piano tracks 2,6,9,10,16), Innes White (guitar tracks 3,5,14,15), Kevin McGuire (bass tracks 5,12,13,14), Michael McGoldrick (flute, whistles tracks 1,5,14), Phil Cunningham (accordion, whistle tracks 1,5,14), Siobhan Miller (backing vocals tracks 1,9,10), John Joe Kelly (bodhran tracks 5,14), Stephen Douglas (percussion tracks 9,10), James Grant (electric guitar (7), Monica Queen (backing vocals 14), Simon Dine (orchestral collage (6), Keynotes: Simon Morgan (baritone, tenor), Eunan McDonald (baritone), Stephen Fennelly (bass), Jeremy Morgan (tenor), Barry Finn (tenor) -backing vocals (4).

"She sings with a gentle passion that you draw in like a soft breath of clear, fresh air. Every genre she performs, she’s totally comfortable. This is an album that moves in several directions, and each time it’s a journey of discovery. After almost 40 years as a performer, Cavalier proves that Eddi Reader’s talent as a singer, arranger and writer has never diminished, her music shines bright as ever." Neil McFadyen, folk radio.

"Reader's gentle but superbly expressive vocals and her distinctive Scottish lilt are the common thread throughout the album, but it's also all held together with a talented cast of supporting musicians, some twenty-five in total, through strings and brass and whistle and flute, not to mention five excellent additional backing vocalists. Cavalier contains some beautiful interpretations of traditional songs and some folk-influenced singer song-writing yet at the same time it is so much more than a folk album. File under ’F’ for fascinating." Darren Johnson, Bright Young Folk.

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