Carol Laula - The Bones Of It

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(February 2016)

11 Tracks: Round And Round * Without You * Envy Of Angels * August Leaves * Let's Meet In The Middle * 2nd Hand Joy * Endless Friend * Leave A Light On * Sweetest Thing * Moon On The Rise * Gypsy.

The 8th album release from highly acclaimed Scottish singer-songwriter, Carol Laula, spanning an inspiring 25-year career.

This album sees Laula revisit her roots with 11 self-penned songs that delve into her heart and soul.

Her unique style which bobs around the sweet, clear delicacy of Joni Mitchell and the tougher edges of Joan Armatrading, it is hardly surprising that she has risen from a young unknown to become a household name when she first captivated the media and her audience in 1990 with independent single, 'Standing Proud', which was chosen to represent Glasgow in its year of culture.

The album comes after Laula's burning desire to make the album she has always wanted to make – and do so with the people with which she has wanted to create it – after a hiatus from working on her own material.

Includes a booklet with song lyrics.

Carol is joined on the album by the many talented friends she has made along the way.

Carol Laula (lead vocals, backing vocals), Marco Rea (guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, keyboards, harmonium, backing vocals), Brian Docherty (bass), Stuart Kidd (drums, percussion, backing vocals), Ken McCluskey (guest vocals, harmonica), Wendy Weatherby, Lawrence Dunn, Alison Lucan & Jon Beales (strings), Lorne Cowieson, Heather MacIntosh (brass), Lorne Cowieson (accordion), Stuart Nisbet (lap steel), Pam Airlie, Julie Brown, Keeley Brown, Amanda Clark, Sharon Doyle, Lynne Jones, Stuart Kidd, Luke MacGee, Daniel MacGee, Judy Fielding, Thomas Malcolm, Gwen Stewart Mossan, Louis Mossan (The Skeleton Choir), Pam Airlie, Gwen Stewart ( backing vocals).

"Scotland's leading singer-songwriter." Glasgow Herald

"Laula's songs deal with strength in adversity - especially from the modern woman's perspective - on a personalised but universal level." Q Magazine

"Clarity of voice and vision marks the work of the finest singer/songwriters, and the music of Scotland's Carol Laula shows those in abundance." Billboard

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