Ainsley Hamill - Not Just Ship Land

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8 Tracks: Not Just Ship Land * Belle Of The Ball * Respect Your Elder * The Daffodil King * No Time To Lose Time * Felix Rooney * The Lyceum * The Will Of The People Is Law.

A solo album release from singer/songwriter Ainsley Hamill who hails from the West Coast of Scotland.

A graduate of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland this album was produced by BBC composer Malcolm Lindsay and features the Czech Studio Orchestra conducted by Mikel Toms.

Ainsley's unique voice and talents as a songwriter are showcased in this album release.

Includes accompanying notes and full set of lyrics.

"This was the last song written for the album. It's based on my journey over the Squinty Bridge in Glasgow into the heart of Govan. Making my way down Govan Road, alongside the looming tenements I pass many historical gems including Govan Old Parish Church, The Lyceum and Elder Park. Along the way, I also pass the people, young and old who live and come from the place. Govan once stood as its own township before becoming inextricably linked to Glasgow and the Clyde through its proud shipbuilding tradition. Once you get there, meet the people and walk its streets you realise that there is much more to understand of Govan's past and present. It’s not just ship land." Ainsley Hamill.

"Not Just Ship Land is an idiosyncratic debut. Born in Cardross near Dumbarton, Hamill's love of Gaelic song was nurtured studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland; you occasionally hear the wild wavering of its psalms in her melody writing. But this album's overall mood is of mainstream, modern torch songs, hovering between the comforting warmth of The Breath and the whip-smart forlornness of early Adele (listen to the way Hamill sings "cackles of girls in trackies and short skirts", relishing every consonant)." The Guardian.

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