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(April 2016)

A unique exploration of the Islay experience.

Whisky takes the viewer to a primary sanctum of Scottish whisky. Evoking the finesse of the liquor, the art of tasting, the craft of distillation, the history of the distilleries and the richness of the isle itself, in beautifully crafted images. This splendid documentary shows us these whisky factories, their particularities, their typical approach, their own special setting in the context of Islay. After all, whisky is bound to, and of, the land where it is distilled. You can almost taste the sea breeze, the peat, the whisky itself…

Distilleries. The distillers love for their produce is apparent when it comes to the distillation process itself. Don't expect to see cold, overly technical installations festooned with blinking lights and computer terminals. Here, where gold is created, gold is unmistakably present. This feature documentary oozes a richness of detail just as you would expect to find in your glass of fine malt whisky, even where it tackles subjects such as malting, fermentation, distillation and bottling. The whole process is described meticulously by the distillers themselves, with an aesthetic eye for detail, served at the right temperature.

Tasting. Of course whisky is served, with detailed tasting notes explaining the art and the pleasure of the whole end process. How does one truly appreciate whisky? This exquisitely shot film leaves no doubt: you don't drink it, you taste it, with care, openness and a devoted attention.

The whiskies and distilleries explored on this DVD: Caol Ila * Kilchoman * Lagavulin * Laphroaig * Ardbeg * Bowmore * Bruichladdich * Bunnahabhain.

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