Margaret Fay Shaw - Solas - Through The Lens

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(August 2020)

Solas (Gaelic for light/joy) is a brand new Art documentary produced by Canna Activist Fiona Mackenzie for the National Trust for Scotland.

Profiling the life and work of internationally known folklorist Margaret Fay Shaw, using her words and those of her close friend Magda Sagarzazu.

The film uses her radio broadcasts, films and images of her life in South Uist, Barra and on Canna, with her husband John Lorne Campbell, to tell a story documenting a Hebridean lifestyle no longer in existence.

This film provides an insight into the fascinating lives of John Lorne Campbell and Margaret Fay Shaw.

Lewis Piper James Duncan Mackenzie, (Breabach), was commissioned to produce a new soundtrack for the film. James and fellow musicians spent a week in Canna House, using the films to produce a suite of music.

Produced by Fiona J Mackenzie
Film Editor - Peter Wolsey
Composer - James Duncan Mackenzie
Musicians - Katie Mackenzie, Yvonne Lyon, Neil Ewart, Allan Nairn, Ross B Wilson
"An Gille Donn" performed by Fiona J Mackenzie.

The National Trust For Scotland gratefully acknowledges the support given to this project by the NTS USA Foundation and Patrons.

"I am delighted that we have been able to produce this lovely piece of work, to profile the contribution of an incredible woman who had the foresight to save for the world today, a piece of Scottish lifestyle which would have otherwise disappeared." Fiona Mackenzie.

"All of the people involved in the production, the editor, the musicians, the studios, have been inspired by the work of Margaret and John Lorne Campbell and all are keen to continue this work, using the wonderful resources contained in Canna House today and under the protection of the National Trust for Scotland, to celebrate the life and work of these two incredible people." Fiona Mackenzie.

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