Bannal - Bho Dhorn Gu Dorn

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(June 2006) 32 tracks including: O ’s fhada bhuainn Anna * Tha Fadachd Orm Fhìn * Air a leabaidh ’s mi m’ ònar * Dheanainn sùgradh ris an nighinn duibh * Gur e mo ghille dùbh dhonn * Oich ù is hiùraibh èile * Ged is grianach an latha * Latha Dhomh ’s Mi Siubhal Mòintich * Hù ra bho ho * A Mhic Iain ’ic Sheumais * Mairead nan Cuiread * An Cùl Bachalach * Turas Dhòmhsa chon na Galldachd * Cha bhi mi buan * Dh’ fhalbh mo rùn ’s dh’fhàg e’n cala * Seinn o horò seinn * Chì mi fada bhuam * Port na Caillich * Fhilidh fhilidh.

The first Gaelic DualDisc - Bho Dhòrn Gu Dòrn, by the Gaelic waulking song group, Bannal.

A DualDisc is a new product which is a CD on one side, and a DVD on the other. The CD side of this release features newly recorded traditional waulking songs. Also included is a 30-minute DVD on the flip side, featuring a documentary originally made by MacTV, Mòr Media and Frato Productions for the BBC, with funding from Seirbheis nam Meadhanan Gàidhlig.

So now you can listen to the waulking songs as usual on CD, and then if you want to see how it is done, load the DualDsc into your computer or DVD player and enjoy the spectacle that is a real ‘luadh’ or waulking.

"The popularity of waulking songs has increased tremendously since the genre came to attention through the singing of Flora MacNeil and the publications of the School of Scottish Studies. Catherine Fletcher and the much younger Chrissie Martin are much missed, of course, but Bannal has not changed fundamentally otherwise... Kenna Campbell must take some credit for inspiring the group, even though singers find the rhythms and melodies of the songs themselves singularly attractive. A number of young singers may be heard singing waulking songs now, but Bannal presented a unique concentration on the genre... The high standard of singing is well maintained in this new production." (Morag Macleod)

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