Bill Black - The Leaside Collection

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29 tunes: Violet & Alex Morrison Of Melbost-Borve * Anne Black * Butterstone Braes * Tribute to Albie Tedham * Butterstone House School * Sandy Campbell's Homecoming * Donnie & Anne McCormack Of Baligarve * Murdo Morrison Of Borve * Willie Hunters Fiddle * Grace Morrison Of Borve * Cathie & Jim Lambie * Mrs Bertha Wilson's Polka * Billy McMorran Of Troloss * Jake Mackay's Two-Step * Granny McKinnon * Anda's Front Door Toilet * Mitch & Hutch, The Bunessan Waitresses * Evelyn & Helen * Jim McFarlane Of Todhills * Angus McKinnon Of Dallas * Farewell To Murthly * St Andrews, Lhanbryde Bi-Centenary * The Riemore Wedding March * The Long Road Home * Anne-Maree Morrison Of Borve * lan Wilson Of South Shortcleuch * Heather Henderson's Wedding * Grew's Hill * Roland & Cynthia Taylor.

New compositions from a very popular bandleader.

Melody and chords, A4 paperback.

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