The Glenfinnan Ceilidh Band - Road To Glenfinnan

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13 Tracks: Gay Gordons * Strip The Willow * Come By The Hills * Canadian Barn Dance * The Road To Glenfinnan * Boston Two-Step * Bonnie Glenfinnan * Hale's Rag * Eva Three-Step * Waltzes * Highland Schottische * Buain A Rainich Taobh Loch Eite * The Commodore Session Set.

A toe-tapping album showcasing West Highland music at it's best.

All tracks arranged by the band.

Iain MacFarlane (fiddle, mandola, backing vocals), Iain MacMaster (accordion, vocals), Ingrid Henderson (piano, backing vocals), Colm O'Rua (tenor banjo, mandolin, backing vocals).

Special guests: Joe Gillies (vocals), Hugh MacCallum (drums).

"Without a doubt they are the number one exponents of real West Highland culture bar none, the epitome of what it means to be an authentic Highland band. They produce music that will both thrill you and move you. This album is a perfect example of all of these things, beautifully crafted on the shores of Loch Shiel."
Duncan Chisholm

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