The Simon Howie Scottish Dance Band -The 2020 Sound

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(October 2019)

15 Tracks: The Rhodesian Regiment: The Rhodesian Regiment / 79th Farewell To Gibraltar / Karen Howie Of Findony * Peggie's Wedding Jigs: Willie's G'an Courtin / I Loe Nae A Laddie But Ane / The Craws O' Currie / Wee Man From North Connel * Sophie Favourite 2/4 Marches: The Craic At Clashmore Hall / Captain Carswell / Brian Bell * Hamilton Rant Jigs: Dr Bob Smith / Willie Taylor's Fiddle / The Blackberry Bush / The Turnpike * Gaelic Waltzes: Leaving Lismore / The Eternal Surge Of The Sea / Fascadale * Eva Three Step: The Hills Of Kowloon / The Queen's Welcome To Duart Castle * Gordons Marches: Lights Of Lochandaal / Here's Tae A Gordon / The Royal Mile * Cairnie Mount Reels: Cairnie Mount / Itchy Fingers / The Osprey / Sandy's New Chanter * Joe McDiarmid's Jig: Joe McDiarmid's Jig / MacLeod's Of Mishnish / Fergie's Jig / Isobel T Bell * Canadian Barn Dance: John MacFadyen Of Melfort / Torbeag * O'Kane's March: O'Kane's March / Oonie's March / Pat McLaren * Waltz Country Dance: Jeanie Black * Dawn Hornpipe: The Dawn Hornpipe / Bobby Colgan / Da Kirks / The Doon Hingin Tie * Fiddle Solo (Alison Smith): Glenmore * Military Two Step: The Jim Burgess Two Step.

A fourth album from the Simon Howie Scottish Dance Band.

The band was formed by Simon Howie and his brother Angus, back in the early 1980's.

This album is the culmination of almost 40 years of inspiration from some of the very best musicians in Scotland.

Simon Howie Scottish Dance Band are: Simon Howie, Robert Black, Duncan Black, Alison Smith, David Scott, Neil McMillan

"It has been a real joy putting this album together. The year 2020 seems a long time since our previous recordings of 1989, 1996, and 2006. In fact they feel like a distant memory, so we were keen to get our current style down on disc to capture our take on how we like Scottish dance music to sound... The music is a mix of tunes, old and new, and we hope you like the blend of the band and the way that we have interpreted the music."
Simon Howie

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