The Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders Pipe Music Collection

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(August 2017)

This is the very first book in a collection of tunes from the famous Argyll And Sutherland Regiment.

The collection featuring almost 300 tunes composed by men who served in the Regiment and whittled down to a final selection by an expert committee.

Considered one of the most musical regiment in history, with legendary composers such as John McLellan, Dunoon and Willie Lawrie serving and scoring in their ranks.

This is significant resource and a must have collection for bagpipers everywhere.

Table of Contents: Foreword * Preface * Piping In The Argyll And Sutherland Highlanders * Regimental Pipe Majors * Famous Regimental Pipers * Duty Tunes And Regimental Marches * 2/4 Marches * 4/4 Marches * 6/8 Marches * Retreat Marches * 12/8 Marches * 12/8 Marches * Strathspeys * Reels * Polkas * Slow Airs * Hornpipes * Jigs * Piobaireachd * Index Of Tunes.

Marches: The 1976 Police Tattoo * 1st A And S H Entry Into Crater * 1st A And S H Leaving Lutong * The !st Argylls In Venice * 1st Battalion A And S H At Hill 282 * 7th A And H Reunion * The 8th A And S H's Farewell To The 51st Division * The 8th Argyll Farewell To France * 8th Argyll's Farewell To The 116th Reg't De Ligne At Basincourt * The 8th Argyll's March Through Vienna * The 91st And 59th At Monte Cerere * The 91st At Modder River * The 93rd Sutherland Highlander's Farewell To Edinburgh * The 93rd's Farewell To Parkhurst * A Drop Of Grouse * Allan Dodd's Farewell To Scotland * Andrew MacNeil Of Oronsay * Archie McMillan * Argyll Is My Home To Me * The Argylls At Ferrara * Argylls' Crossing The River PO Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen * The Battle of The Somme 1916 * Benguillion * The Bloody Field's Of Flanders * Bonnie Dunoon * The Braes Of Brecklet * Brigadier M R J Hope-Thomson DSO OBE * The Brooch Of Lorne * Callum MacAffer, 8th Argylls * Captain Carswell * Captain John Young, Assam Regiment * Colonel Bob Steele * Colonel Davidson * Colonel G P Wood MC DL * Colonel Ian Campbell Of Airds * Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour * Colonel Wilson * Colonel Windsor Stuart * Cowal Gathering * Crags Of Stirling * Crossing The Causeway * CSM Frank Sutherland * Cuil House * Dermot O'Rourke * Doctor Herb Dedo's March * Doctor Iain Michie * Doctor Murdo MacLeod Of Dalmally * Donald Campbell * Donald Gilchrist * Donald Ross's Wedding March * The Dream Valley Of Glendaruel * Drum Major Iain Lang * Dugald Gillespie * Dundas Pipe Band * Eight Memories Of Northern Ireland 1972 * Farewell To Biscuit * Freddom's Field * George E Schell's March Through Caithness * George Younger * The Girnel (or Granary) * Glen Caladh Castle * The Glenfinnan Highland Gathering * Guardsman Alastair Wallace 1st Btn Scots Guards * Hamish Colville * The Heather Hills Of Home * The Heroes Of Vittoria * The Highland Brigade At Magersfontein * The Highland Brigade Depot * Highland Mary * The Hills Of Argyll * HRH Princess Louise Duchess Of Argyll * In The Gloomin' * It's Scotland For Me * Jean McInnes * Jocks Farewell To The 8th Argylls * John MacColl's March To Kilbowie Cottage * John MacDonald Of Glencoe * Kemmel Hill 1918 * Lady Louise Iona Campbell * Lieutenant Colonel G P Wood MC DL * Lieutenant Colonel T L Crighton * Lieutenant Colonel C P Anderson * Lieutenant Colonel Colin Mitchell * Lieutenant Colonel Gayre, Baron Lochore * Lieutenant Colonel Ian MacKay MBE MC * Lieutenant General Sir David Scott-Barrett KBE MC's Farewell * Limasol To Limni * Loch Ruan * Longstop Hill 1943 * Lord MacPherson Of Drumochter * MacLean Of Pennycross * The MacNeils Of Ugadale * Major A C S Boswell MBE * Major Charles MacTaggart MC * Major Duncan MacMillan MM * Major Duncan MacMillan MM * Major Ian Purves-Hume * Major James Campbell Of Kilberry MC * Major Moir Of Villevecque * major W Knox MC * The Maltman * The Memorial Bells Of Inveraray * Men Of Argyll * Miss Helen Mitchell * Mrs FCC Graham * Mrs H l MacDonald Of Dunach * Mrs Jean McShannon * The Mull Of Oa * My Home Town * The Pap Of Glencoe * Pipe Major Alex M MacIver * Pipe Major G Ross's farewell To The Black Watch * Pipe Major Ian McLellan BEM * Pipe Major Peter Philliben * Pipe Major R Stewart * Pipe Major Robert Quar * Pipe Major Ronald McCallum MBE * The Piper's Farewell To Tokyo * Police Chief Ean Algar * Prince Edward Island (PEI) * Rab's Wedding * Renfrew Pipe Band * The Renfrewshire Militia * Ronan * Ross MacKenzie * RSM RT Boyd MBE DCM * Sergeant CR Scott *The Shores Of Argyll * South Hall * The Stirlingshire Militia * Stronsaul * The Taking Of Beaumont Hamel * Tarvit House * The Thin Red line * The Third Argylls * Torosay Castle * Tug Argan Gap * Two Ronnies's Maggies' * The Unknown Warrior * WO2 Jake Mitch MBE * Young Hamish.

Strathspeys: The Argyll Dancers * The Balgie Burn * The Campbeltown Kiltie Ball * Castle Hill * The Cowal Society * The Fiddlers Joy * The Flower Of The Hills * The Hafton Country Club * Highland Mary * Inveraray Castle * Jimmy Fisher's Ceilidh * Kirstie MacCalman's Favourite * Lady Campbell Of Longsdale * Lieutenant J Kennedy *Lochfyneside * Mrs James Cameron * Mrs Majorie Kennedy Fraser * Rosneath.

Reels: AG McColm * The Angler * Back O' The Moon * The Bishop's Seat * The Bridge Of Bogie * The Bugler * Captain MacKay * The Causeway * Chasing De Wett * The Christening Of Helen McKay * The Dancing Badger * Glensaul * Drum Major John Seton * The MacRaes * Miss Katie Ness Of Kinnyside * Miss MacDougall Of Lunga * Pipe Major AW Wilson * The Ptarmigan's Reel * RSM J Auchterlonie's Reel * Sandy Sinclair * Spud's Reel * Tammy Trout * Who Stole The Kail?

Polkas: The Argyll Polka * The Beech Tree * The Drumond Castle Laundry * Lieutenant KH Washbrook's Wedding Polka * Robert Robertson Curran.

Slow Airs: Argyll And The Isles * CSM John MacDonald (The Blood) MBE DCM * Colonel RCB Anderson DSO MC * The Echo Waltz * Farewell To The Highlands * Holyrood Park * Maids Of Jura * Mary Darroch * Salute To Ian Ireland * The Shieling.

Hornpipes: Andrew McKay * Don MacKie's Welcome Home * Doon The Rocky Burn * Dora Watt * Duncan S Lauder * Ella's Fancy * GY Slater * Gary McAleer * Hazel Thompson * Ina MacKenzie * Jean A Henderson * Johnny And Jimmy * The Jurker * Lucy Cassidy * The Mini Man * Mrs Betty Hardie * Old Toasty * The Paradox (or BJ's Naafi) * The Quarter Gill * Round The Mull * Sarah McRoberts * The Springbank Hornpipe * Thistledown * Una McIntyre * The Whistling Herd * Willies' Brogues * The Wright Blend * The Wrong Wedding.

Jigs: The Cheeper * Davy Patrick's Ceilidh * The Governor's Jig * Gunong Pueh * Islay's Charm * Isobel McLean * The Lady In The Bottle * The Mannix Stag * McCartney's Horse Through * Miss Hannah Morris * The Nine O' Clock Waltz (RSM JB McGuire's Jig) * Pipe Major Tom O'Rourke * The Piper And The Dancer * Ronnie Lawrie's Rant * Resolis * The Three Sister's Of Glencoe * Twisted Tam Bem * WA MacPherson Of St Thomas * Willie Wilson's Rant * The Windy Gap.

Piobaireachd: Salute The Soldier.

Compiled by: Pipe Major James Henderson, Pipe Major Ian McLellan BEM, Pipe Major Walter Cowan, Pipe Major James Banks MBE, Major Gordon Rowan (Director of Army Bagpipe Music And Highland Drumming), Pipe Major Scott Methven (Sovereign's Piper), Captain (Retd) Colin Graham TD.

The College Of Piping, Glasgow
The National Piping Centre
Piping Press

Music Typesetting, Design & Artwork: David Alexander Hunter

"In my seventieth year as Colonel-in-Chief, I know that this unique and timeless collection of Bagpipe Music, composed by members of this Regiment, will be enjoyed by pipers of all ages, abilities, nationalities and generations. It is both a legacy and a celebration, telling stories of shared experiences, thoughts of home, and of some of the characters who were proud to call themselves Argylls." Elizabeth R, 6th June 2017.

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