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(July 2020)

A second collection of bagpipe music by piper and composer Kyle Warren (Field Marshal Montgomery and ex Red Hot Chilli Piper).

The book consists of 50 tunes, most of which are by Kyle, whilst there are also original tunes published in the book from famous composers such as Gordon Duncan, Chris Armstrong and Mark Saul.

The book includes tunes played by some of the best pipe bands in the world; Field Marshal Montgomery, Inveraray and District, Scottish Power Pipe Band and more!

Trouble At The Croft
Valerie Kelly's Jig
Wee Eoin's
A Shine On The Elbow
Anti-Social Distancing
The Soapbox Six
The Need For Tweed
The Last Plant Pot

The Box Hill Bandit
The Grand Slam
Anna Mairi Wilson
Dr Richard Parkes MBE

The Pheasant Plucker's Son
Take Me To Braemar
Frozen Cold
Some Folk
Golden Brown - The 2nd Edition

Eat Sleep Pipe Retreat
The Glenferrie
Humour In The Rumour

Lily Thomson
Far Out
Frederick Cameron Of Camberwell
Rós na hÉireann (Irish Rose)

Slow Airs:
The New Dawn

Robbie Buchanan
Donnchadh Rodaidh Of Bàgh A Chaise (Duncan Roddy of Cheesebay)

Arrangements And Originals:
Lochanside Waltz
Farewell To Nigg
Farewell To Nigg Waltz
Kirstie MacCallman?'s Favourite
Kirstie MacCallman'?s Favourite Waltz
Bronni?'s Blue Brozzi
Bronni?'s Blue Brozzi Waltz
The Grinder
The Grinder Reel
Little Hands
Little Hands Jig
The High Drive
The High Drive Jig
X-treme Jig

" It is for good reason that Kyle's music is highly regarded among pipers today. Although his tunes are born from inspiration and improvisation, the pieces are well crafted, with great consideration given to not just the composition itself but also the performer. The result is original tunes that play well under the fingers; rich in melody, at times challenging, but always with just the right balance of embellishment to enhance the music. There's a great variety among the 50 tunes presented in this book. I'm sure they will be well received by the piping community, keem to play more modern classics from the inventive pen of Kyle Warren." Mark Saul.

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