Stewart C Walker - The Kitchen Two-Step

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Tunes - Marches: Aldourie Castle / At The Bandstand / Burns Night In Bangladesh * Jigs: The Nairn Spire / Andrew McAnespie / Saint Colm's Fair / The Train To Vercelli * Strathspeys: The Harvest Strathspey / Stepping Stones / The Old Grey Heron / The Waterwheel * Reels: Teazles In The Wind / Roosting Rooks / judy Macpherson's reel / Theresa And Iain Hamilton * Waltzes: Silhouette Waltz / Janet And Stewart Walker's Wedding Waltz * Marches: The Scarecrows' Barn Dance * The Dhaka Caledonian Society * Jigs: Eileen Addly The Artist / Gathering The Winter Barley / The Springtime Jig / The Goldfinch * Reels: Travelling Sands / Over The Viaduct / Jimmy Craigie's Reel / Just Around The Corner * Waltzes Norman And Gavin Breathet / Mairi And David's Wedding Waltz * Two-Step: The Kitchen Two-Step.

New tunes to fill the house with music for accordion and fiddle from accordionist and composer Stewart Walker.

A super collection from Stewart of self-penned marches, jigs, strathspeys, reels, waltzes and two-step!

Based in the Scottish Highlands, Stewart Walker is an accordionist, dance band leader and composer. He has won accordion competitions at both Scottish and United Kingdom championship level.

His band specialise in playing for weddings, ceilidhs and country dances.

This well-presented A4-size sheet music book comes with right hand melody and chords.

"Having spent years writing melodies on bits of manuscript that were stored away in folders and rarely played, I decided it was time to publish them and so my first book The Kitchen Two-Step has finally made it to print." Stewart C Walker

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