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42 great fiddle and box tunes by 20 of Scotland's leading players and composers: Freeland Barbour, Bobby Crowe, David Cunningham, Gordon Pattullo, etc..

The Queen Of The South Polka
Paddy Neary
Miss Fiona Mitchell
Jimmy Shand's 50th Recording Year
The Claybraes Two-Step
Provost Spink And His Lady's Welcome To The Grange
The Downfield Reel
Patricia's Fancy
Peter Flett Of Tarabuckle
Morris Grant's Button Box
Mrs Ileen Cowan
Morna's Jig
Big Tam Jamieson
Nan Adam
Mrs Janet Ellis
The Bobby Coghill Two-Step
Christine Macaskill
Audrey Cant Of Craigton
Mrs Jamieson Of Newlands
John Hubard Of Muirhead
Ancrum Brig
The Moggy
Bessie Ross
Turner's Rant
Kilpurnie Hill
Miss Diane Cunningham
Master David R Cunningham
Chapelmount House
The Ogilvy Arms Two-Step
Fosten House
Margaret Wilson
Neil Mackinnon Of The Cuilt
Sgt. John McIntee's Farewell To Mull
Jimmy & Amy Henderson's Silver Wedding
Ladies Of Lockerbie
Rhona's Wedding
John Huband's Dancing Fingers
Joyce's Reel
The Douglas Adamson Polka
John & Ann Neave's Silver Wedding March

Melody and chords.

A4 Paperback.

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