Neil Barron - Luggin' The Box

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(July 2018)

52 Tunes in Scottish style for accordion and fiddle composed by Neil Barron.

Contents: Doreen And Roy Goldring's Jig * Miss Catherine Gray * Declan Walsh's Jig * Val And John Morris' Jig * Throopmuir Croft * The Warehouse * Gordon's Jig * Broon From Troon * Inchkeith Island * Traveller's Joy * A Sair Heid * The Capon Tree * The Shambles * The Ruby Wedding * Sunshine's Wedding * Charles Ogden's Jig * The Wetherby Jig * Peking Duck * The Craws O' Currie * Brimham Rocks * The Revies' Retreat *
Beales On Wheels * The Threshing Mill * Globetrottin' * Luggin' The Box * Shootin' The Breeze * Inchmickery * Blackhall * The Donaldson's Of Denholm * Alex Smith's Reel * Dere Street *Andrew's Reel * Sandy Barron's Birthday * The Ruby Reel * The Merlion * George Darling's Reel * Aileen's Reel * Auld Hip Joint * Miss Nicola Gray * Doug Cargill's Reel * The Minister Way * Mr And Mrs Stuart Barron * Ranville * Smithy's Reel * Repulse Bay * Twa Sharps Reel * This I'll Defend * Mrs Fenella McAlister * Dr Lisbeth Hockey OBE * Miss Marie Fielding * The Clan Rose * Hong Kong Highlanders.

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