Ian Robertson - The Heart Of Me

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(June 2020)

A second collection of original compositions for fiddle and accordion by Ian Robertson.

After The Summer Rain
Autumn Days
The Canberra Lasses
Changing Seasons
Compliments To Ewan Galloway
Connie's Tunes
Cornerstone Strathspey
Croft Conundrum
Derby Road
Every Time I Dance
First Chill Of Autumn
Four Score Reel
Frederick William Bryant
Friend For All Seasons
Gentle Hearts
Glenfender Jig
Heart Of Me
Hoarder's Polka
Home By dawn
House By The Burn
Ian Rose, Man Of Mistley
Jig For Joan
Journey's End
Lady Lottery Of Faskally
Linda Henderson
Memories Of St Andews
Miss Duff's Hornpipe
Miss Lucy Clark
Mon Ami, Te Payson Alain
Morning Light
Mr & Mrs McDonald Of Home Park
Peter Dixon's Reel
Peter Knight's Strathspey
Requiem For Truth
Stephen's Web
Struan Char
Tala Two-Step
Three Men Of Terrick
Time And Tide
Tomorrow's Dream
Tom's majority
Waltz For Rebecca And Joe
Watford Centenary Reel
We'll Hear The Birds Sing Again.
Whisky Man Of Pitlochry
Yew Tree Jig

"This new book contains some 48 tunes all written in the past six years since Ian became a full-time professional musician. During this time he has blossomed as a very popular and versatile violinist, accordionist and pianist performing across a variety of musical genres and the content of the book reflects this with a catchy collection of tunes covering a range of styles." Jim Lindsay March 2020.

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