Gary Innes - The First Forty Years

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To celebrate his 40th birthday, West Highland-born maestro accordionist Gary Innes has published his first tunebook.

The book has over 80 self-penned tunes and songs, from his earliest tune written at age 13 to his latest compositions in 2020.

Gary is one of the founding members of award-winning Scottish supergroup Manran, and presenter for BBC Radio Scotland's radio show, Take The Floor.

"A composer, broadcaster, former Scotland shinty player, Auxiliary Fire Fighter and First Responder, Gary has lived a very full forty years and he has continually drawn on the experiences of all of these very different aspects of his life when writing new compositions. He gives the learner and reader the background of each of the tunes, with the 80 scores accompanied by short stories about what or who was the inspiration behind the tune."
(Spiral Earth)

"When I turned 30 I headed off travelling through South East Asia and was in complete denial about reaching the milestone year, yet a decade later and only a couple of weeks away from turning 40, I feel very much at ease with it. Putting the book together has been great fun and it has brought back so many happy memories and thoughts of various people, places and tours which reflect different periods in my life. I hope people will enjoy learning the tunes and songs, and of course reading the stories of the inspiration behind each tune."
(Gary Innes)

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