Freeland Barbour - The Hills Of Atholl

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(2001) 41 tunes: The Ornithologist * The Hills of Atholl * Brian Webb's March to the O.B. Store * The Shallow End * Sanderson's Brown Bang * The Sixth of June * Sunset On Conachair * The North Atlantic Waltz * MacFail From Bunessan * Fire In The Hearth * Cullinghood Stables * Bob Bridgeford's March * MacDowall Road * Doctor Jean Balfour of Kirkforthar * The Ladies From Walls * The Rabbitskin Hat * John P. Mackintosh * The Glen Fincastle Barn Dance * Laxdale Cottage * The Sands of Kersal * The Colonel's Plunders * Pipe Major Laurie Georgeson * Dubar's Mazurka * The Flower of Fincastle * The New Road to Atholl * The Green Hills * Bonskeid House * The Sow and the Boar * Honeymoon Harry's * Brosnan's Capers * St Margaret's * The Borthwick Men * The Doofer * The Telephone Box * Dougal McDougal of Alturlie * The Haight-Ashbury Waltz * Helen Scott of Humbie * The Forty-Six Seconder * The Old Time Pioneer * The Jimmy Learmonth Polka * Craig Na Righ.

Original Scottish music tunes by the legendary accordion player from Glasgow who has played in Silly Wizard, The Wallochmor Ceilidh Band and The Occasionals.

Melody and chord symbols.

A4 paperback, 35 pages.

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